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17 December 2007

AFI's Top 10 TV Series for 2007

Dexter - The First Season Friday Night Lights - The First Season Ugly Betty - The Complete First Season 30 Rock - Season 1 Everybody Hates Chris - The Second Season The Sopranos - Season 6, Part 2

Everybody Hates Chris
Friday Night Lights
Mad Men
Pushing Daisies
The Sopranos
Tell Me You Love Me
30 Rock
Ugly Betty

  • I've no idea what Longford is...so I let my fingers do the walking and found out it's not exactly a series but a TV Movie. | Read: Longford
  • I tried watching Tell Me You Love Me, which Time Magazine also picked as its Top 10 --- I COULDN'T STAND IT.
  • Mad Men is consistently on the "honors list". It will win one major award, is what I predict.
Source AFI

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