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20 December 2007

2007 TV Highs and Lows

  • Gave us Pushing Daisies, a show which had lots of promise. Despite what naysayers claimed, it delivered
  • Gave us Samantha Who? It doesn't have the best story line, at best it's so-so...but you've gotta love all the women in this show.
  • Gave us Dirty Sexy Money, the Gossip Girl for the older set.
  • Solid ratings for Grey's Anatomy despite the poor storyline.
  • Amazing comeback of Desperate Housewives, which I read is back to its Season 1 form in terms of plot development.
  • Will give us Lost Season 4 in Jan. 31
  • Cavemen. Enough said

  • Gave us back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother
  • Still holds CSI's lead, even while Sara leaves the show.
  • Gave us Kid Nation...whatever you say, that show was better than expected.
  • Cane, Viva Laughlin. Enough said.

  • House shake-up. Gave us new characters who are thankfully interesting. But it isn't quite like before.
  • 24 Season 6
  • The upset that is KVille.
  • The disappointing Back To You, which started on fire but quickly fizzled out.

  • Picking up Life and Chuck for the season.
  • Retaining 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights.
  • Over-all programs on NBC are top-notch, when speaking of quality. They just can't get viewers to watch it.
  • Bionic Woman didn't live up to the hype
  • Cancelation of Journeyman
  • Heroes was bad the first half of Season 2.

Cable Programming
  • Damages and Mad Men
  • The end of The Sopranos was both high and low. Confusing ending, which upon evaluation, was the perfect ending. But it's sad the show is gone on air.

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