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05 March 2007

Exhibit A

Bwaha! This is a photo shared to me by a childhood friend via friendster.

That's me on the right. I was four years old at that time. My friend, who's the cute little girl on the left, said we were two years old. The old guy in the middle is her older brother, my godfather, my father's best friend.

This was taken between 1975-76.

My friend grew up to become a tall and famous local beauty queen, who bore two beautiful and intelligent boys and went on to become a bank executive; but is now enjoying the quiet life in a little province in the south.

I grew up to become a couch potato. :D

Thought I'd maybe send this out to the world, as an after thought. I have been told on quite a few occasions that people are curious to see how I look. I do not have any photos online. Except for this.

Just work with your imagination. Hehehe!


  1. Somewhere in the depths of cyberspace lies the picture of a teenaged Mindy in all her 80's big-haired glory.


  2. Hahah!! What?? Nyahahaha! Oh, no! Oo nga! LOL! Dinelete ko na yata yun.

    *off to check and delete* LOL!

  3. bwahahah!!!

    i CSI ko to. face recognition ek ek.

    i still hate you, you know?! ;D ;D

  4. gotcha ka jan!!

    hindi pa din ako maka recover. haha.