05 August 2011

I think I'm going to love HOMELAND!

I love psychological thrillers.

I love political drama. I am intrigued by conspiracy theories (who isn't?) I may not understand what is really going on at times, but watching characters getting intoxicated with power is fascinating.

I think any kind of war is stupid, and yet I'd be the first one to watch any kind of story about the war.  Sidebar: have you seen "The Boy in Striped Pajamas"??

I love Damien Lewis. I first loved him when he did a TV series about the war ("Band of Brothers").

I love the guys who did "24". They went over the top with some of the story lines on that show. But boy, they do know the kind of hero we want. (I MISS JACK BAUER!!).

Given all that, I think this show, which premieres in the fall, is going to be something I'll love.

Here's the teaser to "Homeland":