25 August 2011

If I were a TV Showrunner, Part 2

Someone told me once that your craziest and brightest ideas come to you in the wee hours of the morning, when you're mind has rested and it's clearer. Since I'm no genius, the epiphany I had early this morning was more crazy than bright.

It all started when I saw this photo of Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights), who chopped off his hair:

I prefer him better with the long hair. But since it did not seem like he shampooed a lot wearing his hair long, cutting it that short is probably doing him good.

Anyway, my immediate thought was --- he looks a lot like Barry Watson (Samantha Who/Seventh Heaven) now:

Doesn't he?

Although, these days, Barry Watson's looking a lot less like...Barry Watson.

But still, you can see the resemblance between these two actors.

Which lead me to think that If I were a showrunner, I'd cast these two stars in a TV series where they discover they are brothers separated in childhood.

I can probably make them twins separated-at-birth...coz that's trendy.

Or they could be not related, but switched at birth. :P

For spice --- and because folks might say this idea is totally unoriginal --- I'd add in a third brother/doppelganger and include Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars):

Now, there may be a slight problem with the age difference. But this is television, where ages do not matter. SIDEBAR: Finn from Glee is 30 years old IRL and he plays a high school kid.

And then one of these boys will have to be named Sam.

So I can all my show "Pretty Brothers, Separated On A Friday Night...One Asked: Sam, Who?"

So, will you watch?

Here was my first "bright" idea: If I Were A TV Showrunner