29 August 2011

Kelly Rowland's X Factor Look (Her Make-up's Gorgeous!)

There's not a lot I know about Kelly Rowland. Beyond Destiny's Child, beyond her singing, beyond her career... I know absolutely nothing about her.

So, when it was announced that she was one of three new judges The X Factor UK would be introducing in their 8th season, I think my reaction would be closest to a verbal shrug. I didn't give a hoot.

There were three X Factor shows I'd be following this season (UK, Australia, USA) and the judges were not the reason why I'm tuning in.

It becomes a bonus, however, when people behind the show do their edits right to make every aspect of the program interesting. I love Australia's version a lot because other than the singing, they have a way of tying facets together for a story.

Anyway, while watching the 2nd episode of the UK version today, I was so pleased to see how its production people placed special focus on Kelly Rowland. It never occured to me how much interesting she is.

For this episode, they showed viewers how Kelly's such a darling and how there seemed to be a lot of male contestants crushing on her. There was a 10-minute bit with the men fawning over her and Ms. Rowland loving every minute of it. She flirted with some of them even, which sent me giggling.  It wasn't so much annoying to watch, as it was endearing.

Kelly Rowland is a doll, I discovered.

And she literally reminded me of this African-American Barbie Doll I had as a kid. Her make-up suited her really well. In fact, it was her make-up that had me staring at the screen, studying every detail of it.

She looks amazing in any type of shade and color. I cannot pick out which look I like the best. SIDEBAR: That lavender lipstick shade (bottom right) is the prettiest I've seen on someone. She carries it so well. And here I am thinking --- Can I wear that?

In an interview, Kelly says that she travels with a publicist, a make-up artist and a stylist for work. Here's her team in action. This was also Kelly getting ready for another X Factor audition.

Credit: http://soulfulbeauty.com/article.php?n=1189

Having her on the show is, as they all say, a breath of fresh air. With 8 Seasons of The X Factor UK, the series was on its way to becoming ultra-predictable and laborious to watch. I guess they did right picking new set of judges this time around.

Are you watching this show? How do you find it?