06 August 2011

Rizzoli & Isles Getting a 3rd Season!

Oh, how I truly love these girls! They are as different as night and day, but they gel so well together!

Rizzoli & Isles make their show, a typical crime series, so engaging to me because the two of them are mirrors of a lot of female friends I know, including myself.

Currently on their second season run, after almost a year long hiatus, the show will be running until Sept 12th and will not return until the mid-season (sometime November or December) to finish their sophomore year.

There are still plenty more to look forward to --- like the appearance of guest stars Jacqueline Bisset and Andy Garcia;  and a possible tension between Jane & Maura, as a result of Maura having a new boyfriend. I won't tell who coz it's a spoiler. But it's safe to say that nope, Jane is NOT jealous because she is in love with Maura. The reasons are so much more personal. We will all find that out by the eight episode, airing at the end of August.

And here's more reason to be happy about this show --- IT'S GETTING A THIRD SEASON! TNT has ordered more  Rizzoli & Isles for summer of 2012. The show is getting a 15-episode pick up next year.

I've actually been re-watching Season 1 in between and while eagerly waiting for new episodes of the current season. I can't get enough of these girls. They're just so cute!

Are you following this show, too? What do you love about it?