22 August 2011

Nailed It: Katie Cazorla's "Nail Files"

Those who know me well are aware of my nail polish obsession. So that, when TV Guide announced back in 2010 that the channel was airing a TV show about a nail salon owner, I've been so eager to see it.

The problem was,  in this part of the world, there was no way I could easily get a copy of a show that airs on a special channel like TV Guide.

So, when The Nail Files started airing in July, I was bummed when I could not find any access.

Thankfully, Google is my best friend...thus, I was able to locate all 8 episodes of this short reality series.

I had been expecting a show where I'd be seeing all kinds of interesting well-manicured fingers and be inspired from it. I thought I was going to see some ideas on how to make nail application easier or, you know, stuff related to nails and polish.

Not quite so.

 The Nail Files, as it turns out, is apparently about Katie Cazorla's lifestyle as a nail salon owner. It's about running a business (The Painted Nail). It was about watching her market her product and attending events. It had all the drama of dealing with her staff and making sure her business is running smoothly. It had snippets of her personal life with the most supportive boyfriend on the planet.

I did not even get to see one well-manicured finger on this show. Although, there were scenes with celebritites getting their mani and pedi done.

However, I was not disappointed.

The Nail Files is entertainingly colorful in its own right. In my eagerness to find something new about nail polish per se, I forgot that this is a reality program, where viewers are invited to peek into the life of someone with character.

And Katie Cazorla is just the right person. An Entertainment Weekly review calls her "severly wacky" and they couldn't have described her better. It was so fun listening to her talk, or having a nervous breakdown, or goofing around, or making snide comments about the people in her life, in front of the camera. She's so animated that I had no doubts why she's kept her business popular with her celebrity clients. She is one charming, interesting person.  She's loud, but in the most adorable way.

The show is fun, fun, fun.

I expected differently and ended up loving it.

 I hope they follow this up with more seasons!