20 August 2011

Eagerly Anticipating: the "BOSS" Starring Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer played the role of Frasier Crane on television for over 20 years, or roughly 8-10 years on Cheers and 12 years on Frasier. 

He played it really well and has won numerous awards for it. Unfortunately, there's a downside to that because the next comedies he did, Back To You in 2007 and Hank in 2009, were awful, awful, awful!

I've been a huge fan of the character Frasier Crane that, to see Kelsey doing comedy as someone else, was hard to follow. Suffice to say, the shift wasn't easy --- for both viewers (and fans like me!) and the actor.

So, Kelsey Grammer is doing a different kind of shift.

He's returning to TV this fall and doing DRAMA, for once.

And this leaves me so excited no less, because, on top of being a good comedian, he is a theater actor who used to do a lot of these heavy drama on stage.

And I think the role he has picked to play in a drama series suits him really, really well.

Here is a short teaser to...the BOSS, where Kelsey Grammer plays the ambitious and powerful mayor of Chicago. He's fearsome and quite manipulative. He's bent on staying in office, except that he's just been diagnosed with a brain disease.

And he's keeping this fact from anyone who may jeopardize his political career.

 The series will air on Starz beginning October 21st.