01 August 2011

First Thoughts: Against The Wall...otherwise known as SHOW WITH FULL OF HOT MEN!

Lifetime's newest TV Show Against The Wall premiered earlier to what I thought was an unimpressive start. I could be wrong. Ratings may have picked up. (But I wouldn't know for now, since the data would be out a few more hours after this post is published.)

But I say it was unimpressive because --- it was more of a chick show than a cop show. And I don't want my cop shows like that.

To be fair, this series airs on the cable channel Lifetime, whose target audience is 90% women. I shouldn't have expected Against The Wall to be my next Chicago Code.

I should've taken the hint after seeing the lead female character's three brothers.

They look as if they're molded from pages of GQ Magazine and then brought to life by good fairies who know the world needs to be populated with gorgeous men:

These photos don't do justice. You've got to see them move, emote and act on this show to see why I say they're very GQ-esque. Men in uniform...YUM.

How can a sister be so lucky? The chick's got three good-looking brothers, I mean for cops.  And being the only girl in the family, she's actually the ugliest:

Well, okay...not really.

Everyone's been calling her television's Meg Ryan, specifically her Sweetheart Personality. She is Australia's Rachel Carpani and on Against The Wall, she plays Abby, a detective who works for the Internal Affairs.

To cops, the Internal Affairs is the enemy. Which poses a huge issue for Abby's family because her father and three brothers (yes, those men up there) all work for the force.

If casting for this show's been spiced with men with good genes, as a television series, Against The Wall is actually, well... quite bland. I was disappointed. Again, I say this because I have a huge bias. The last cop show I saw that was set in Chicago was really well-written and captivating (The Chicago Code).

Against The Wall goes by a lot of cliches - from props, to the background, to the dialogues and even to the background music. (Cue Adele's "Make Me Feel My Love". Great song but so not right for the show!)

I didn't enjoy the show's premise...it was really bordering on stupid.

On the other hand, there's all that eye candy and more. So, what's a girl gotta do --- except keep on watching, huh?

To find out who the men are, check Against The Wall on IMDb.