20 March 2008

American Idol: Top 11 Amanda Ovenmeyer

Beatles Part 2...based on what went on last night, it was a very, very bad idea. I couldn't really pick a favorite, even if there were a few good performances. The train wreck that was last night overshadowed my picking the best one.

Also a bad idea? This hideous top:

"I'm going to murder the person who dressed me up tonight!"

Tattoos and ruffles (or whatever that thing is on her neckline)? So not working together. Michael is very, very upset by it:

"Awww...Carly! You dressed up like my granny!"

Leaving this week is Amanda. Biker Nurse was just one spot away from landing a gig in the yearly Idol tour. But, I guess it's all for the better. I don't think she's going to enjoy the show much if she stays any longer. I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond in a couple of weeks? It would have to be hard on her...so I'm guessing she's relieved. And we're relieved we don't have to sit and listen to her garbled renditions.

Good luck rocking the house at La Fayette or somewhere though!

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
- BOOT: MARCH 18th

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
David H.
- BOOT: MARCH 12th
David C.
David A.