06 March 2008

24 Season 7 Two Hour Prequel set for Fall

Comingsoon reports that a two-hour prequel is set for 24. It will tie up where the show is, between Season 6 and 7. The planned prequel is expected to air before the January 2009 premiere of Season 7 (because...that's what prequel means, mwehehe):
The producers of Fox's "24" are developing a two-hour "prequel" to the upcoming seventh season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie, designed to bridge the two-year gap between Seasons 6 and 7, is targeted to air in the fall, leading to the January return of the real-time drama. On Wednesday, "24" producers began securing the show's core cast members for the film.

The upcoming seventh season is set in Washington and features the first female U.S. president, played by Cherry Jones.

The "24" writing team is back at work, with filming on the remaining episodes of the seventh season slated to begin in April.
Just to refresh your memories, the following actors have signed on for Season 7 ---

Cherry JonesColm Feore Janeanne GarafaloAnnie Wersching

  • President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones)
  • First Gentleman Henry Taylor (Colm Feore)
  • FBI agents including Agent Janis Gold (Janeane Garofalo)
  • Agent Renee Walker, to work alongside Jack Bauer (Annie Wersching)
Tony Almeida is alive and will be playing one of the bad guys Jack is after. Producers of the show say he is "definitely not the Almeida we once know".