19 March 2008

Miss Guided

I was wondering what happened to Judy Greer. She was in a lot of movies and TV guest appearances some three years ago, and suddenly I don't see her often enough anymore.

But, wait...she's back. And with a lead in a new TV comedy to boot --- a show which I can say closely reminds me of Samantha Who?

Judy Greer plays Becky Freeley, who comes back to her former school to work as the kids' guidance counselor. While already an adult and having learned what's out there for her, Becky is still very much the dork she once was in high school. And it looks like the same scenarios of her sorry teen life will be playing out again especially since her former school mate, Lisa - the Homecoming Queen (and her rival at one point), is also back at the same school and part of the same faculty as her.

Miss Guided, a show produced by Ashton Kutcher (Yes, the actor. Yes, in Punked! Yes, Demi's young husband!), does away with a lot of cliches mostly found in sitcoms today. It has less of that snarky high-brow comedy. In fact, it's average.... which is not a bad thing in this case. It's very relatable. And with one episode down, and a second episode coming in the next two days (with Kutcher as guest), this show spells p-r-o-m-i-s-i-n-g.

Thank goodness Judy Greer is back on TV. I hadn't realized it but I think I did miss her.