04 March 2008

Australian Idol: Mark Holden Quits

Those following Australian Idol will no longer hear the words "Touchdown!" in Season 6 (to air sometime July-August). According to this news, Idol Judge Mark Holden is quitting the show to concentrate on acting, radio and documentary production.
As a judge on Australian Idol Holden is famous for the catchphrase "Touchdown!" (a phrase also used heavily by Paula Abdul in the early seasons of American Idol), as well as his entertaining but somewhat eccentric attempts at speaking cool ("bling bling", "bada bing bada boo", "bogaly bogaly to the max times 10" and less decipherable nonsense). He is seen as more compassionate than Kyle Sandilands and Ian "Dicko" Dickson, but still has bouts of harsh criticism compared to the "nice" judge Marcia Hines. Holden also produces much of the music performed by winning Idol contestants. - Wikipedia
I quite enjoy Mark on Australian Idol. The old geez does say a lot of things most people would not understand, but that is part of his appeal. It's so interesting and entertaining to hear what he has to say to the contestants. He's partly comic relief, partly speaking with authority since he does know a lot about music and singing, being a singer from the 70's himself.

I also like that to him, singing is more than just having a good voice; that it's also important for singers to be able to convey feelings, or move the audience. Mark would cry whenever he'd hear a contestant sing beautifully, whether this be in the audition rounds or on Top 3.

And I think that's what he is taking away from this show next season --- the heart.

Good luck, Mark!