07 March 2008

American Idol: Girls Night Round 3

First, some style issues. Please fire the stylist! These pants are atrocious. Why would anyone allow these girls to walk on stage, on camera, wearing this?

Asiah Epperson Carly Smithson
It was too distracting watching them, my eyes wandered towards the belly and crotch area. Unflattering! I wanted to strip them down and give them new pants right on stage. I wanted the fashion police to arrest Asia'h. At least Carly somehow carried it; black on black hid the flaws away.
Ramiele Malubay

I root for her, but she hasn't been exactly winning in the style department. The top says "workout", the bottom says "office party". The color says "old granny loves 'em drabby". Doesn't flatter her cute personality. She should be wearing lots of yellows and peach. And once again, I've really got to stop listening to Paula because I'm babbling about colors!

Kristy Lee Cook

Not exactly an off style. But she likes her clothes shiny, doesn't she? Pretty girl doesn't look so good from the waist down, though. Her squat stance still bothers me. Like, she needs to go to the bathroom and do #2. Oh, and her eyebrows? Got a life of its own. I know it's unfair to be picking on her looks but what can I say about her singing when I don't enjoy country music? Not Kristy's fault though.

Brooke White

My other favorite girl has some class. She is picking songs that suit her and clothes that flatter her. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a star here.

As for their performances....
Brooke is my top pick for the night.
Wrong song choice for Ramiele.
Amanda, I really enjoyed. For the first time, I see a really sweet and pretty girl. Should she ditch the goth/punk look?
Carly sang well; pitch perfect even with all the shrills, but I can't get into it.
Asia'h and Syesha.....ehhh.
Kady....go away.