25 March 2008

How I Met Your Mother S3 E13: Ten Sessions

Britney Spears The episode is otherwise known as "The One With Britney Spears."

But what it really was? "The One Where Britney Spears Played a Glorified Extra and Sarah Chalke Did a Really, Really Good Job"

Guess that's too long a title so the episode is simply, "Ten Sessions".

It starts with Ted meeting a doctor named Stella (Sarah Chalke), who told him he'd have to take ten one hour sessions with her. Ted is going to have his tramp stamp removed by the pretty doctor.

In ten sessions, Ted is determined to date Dr. Stella, thinking she'd say yes to him since he's no longer her patient by then. Ted tries to woo her through the receptionist, Abby (Britney). In the end, Ted doesn't actually get the girl. Having an 8year old daughter is holding Dr. Stella back from the dating scene, a fact she only revealed to Ted in the end of the 10th session. They did leave her character open-ended though, with a possibility of returning in future episodes. Is she or is she not mother? I don't know. I've stopped wondering when we're going to meet mother.

This episode seems to fit in those crazy dream sequences that happens a lot on Scrubs, where Sarah Chalke is main cast member. It's like her Scrubs' character's alternate reality.

Britney? She was...there. Being useful. I was waiting for her to make me laugh hard because every news report kept saying she had great comedic timing...but well, nothing. I thought the role suited her perfectly, though. She played a stupidly naive receptionist telling Barney the could have sex and go shopping later.

So, that was it. An overly hyped guest appearance saved by Sarah Chalke. Now this girl, Sarah, I love her comedic timing.