11 March 2008

Oh, Mother! What is up?

Pink is the New Blog is reporting that because of Britney's guest appearance on HIMYM, Alicia's people are pulling her out. Whaa?? No, I want her to be Mother!

How I Met Your Mother
And Ausiello confirms it!
Britney Spears' havoc-wreaking cameo on How I Met Your Mother has already claimed its first victim. A Mother insider confirms that Alicia Silverstone — who was slated to appear in a multi-episode arc as Ted's dermatologist/lover — has dropped out and will be replaced by Scrubs' Sarah Chalke.

Pink Is the New Blog reports that Silverstone bowed out because her reps (understandably) feared she would be overshadowed by Spears, who, per my sources, will play an assistant to the dermatologist now being portrayed by Chalke. As a result, I'm hearing Mother bosses Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have reconceived the female doc character. Originally slated to appear in multiple episodes, she'll now be in just one — mostly because that's all Chalke's schedule will allow. The diminished screen time would also seem to eliminate any hope there was of her being Ted's future yellow-umbrella-carrying wife (aka the "Mother").

But Mother still has big plans for Silverstone. "[Bays and Thomas] love Alicia," whispers my mole, "and they intend to create another character for her."
And can TV be any boring lately? Even my RSS feeds are kinda slow. There's nothing exciting on TV! Well, except perhaps this. And this. And it's not TV but that real life Gossip Girl blog lots of people are on and reading lately, is what's keeping me from working...and watching!

Anyway, what have you been watching?

I checked out Unhitched, Quarterlife and Welcome to The Captain. All unimpressive so I didn't have the drive to talk about it. Yet I still continue to watch them, when I can. Out of habit. I've got to be sitting in front of the small screen after dinner, whether there's something decent on it or not! That's like how I get my mojo.

Have to finish Sarah Connor Chronicles, it's supposed to be back in the fall.

Watching reruns of Lost S2 on cable.

Following Dexter on cable, finally, finally!