31 March 2008

Idol Around the World: A look at Bulgaria's Winner

Bulgaria's Music Idol must be one entertaining show. If not for the singing, something else keeps it interesting. It was this very same talent contest which launched Valentina Hasan to YouTube stardom by way of the song, Ken Lee. And this year's winner is fast becoming another hit on the video sharing site.

Listen to Bugaria's Music Idol Nevena Tzovena singing "I Will Always Love You" with a Balkan music arrangement. For someone not very familiar with this type of music and culture, it would sound really, really strange to you. It would most certainly shock Simon Cowell or leave Randy Jackson with his mouth wide open, had they been judging this one. Paula Abdul, on the other hand, will probably like it.

I can almost imagine what they're gonna say:

Randy: Man...I dunno dude, it didn't feel right to me. Some parts were pitchy....the arrangement was a lil' awkward for me dude, I dunno. Heeeesh... I just don't get it, sorry. Just keeping it real, man.
Paula: Nevena, you were so....you've got a sexy body. I love that..... you're voice had....it was so full of texture and color.....the dancing....You're original. You're a star.
Simon: To me this was all very ---Whitney Houston at a bar, having way too much alcohol. It was the most bizarre thing I've heard in my life.

But evidently, to the Balkans, this is one powerful and soulful rendition. Remember, she won (to her credit her other performances weren't as... mystifying):

What do you think? Do you like this arrangement? Or would have this been better off not messing with it?