05 March 2008

American Idol: Boys Night Round 3

Hello. It's all coming back to me now. I was a moose in another life, hallelujah!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whatever, dude. This is all that I need...to know.
Before I go-go to that other paradise.

I'm sorry, that was lame. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. :P

You know who Paula reminded me of tonight? Watch this through and through, please. It couldn't have been a more spot on comparison! She sounds as incoherent as this character on Saturday Night Live!!!!!!

But hey, tonight...it's all about the boys. And they were all good, weren't they? Favorite picks, Top 3 ---- I would have to go with Jason Castro, Michael Johns and Eze.

I wasn't able to watch all of David Cook.

I liked David H.'s voice, always have, but I think the stripper story will shoot down his chance.

David A. is definitely in. Some people are saying this season, it's actually a contest of who gets the second top spot, because everyone's assuming Archuleta is number 1.

I am amused by Danny Noriega, mostly because he's so much prettier than some of the girls. It's would be wrong to see one of these guys leave.

But most favored to go? Luke. Go! Go! Go! Please. Thursday will probably be a wake-up call for you.