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13 March 2008

American Idol: Top 12 David Hernandez

This week's bottom two on American Idol deserved their place just for singing like this! WTH.

David Hernandez Kristie Lee Cook

Look, even Jason is cringing. He didn't like it.

Jason Castro"Please, Simon, make them stop singing like that!"

Anyway...granted that it wasn't the best performance of the night, David Hernandez did better than Kristie Lee Cook. And I can see you nodding your head in agreement. He really was better, no? I actually like David Hernandez. I like the clarity in his voice.

But did it come as a complete surprise, though? I can't help but think that maybe that news about him being a stripper came back to haunt him.

"Things happen for a reason. You'll see me at the top. This isn't it for me."

My best of the night - Top 12 Lennon/McCartney Songbook:
  • Brooke

  • Jason

  • Michael

  • Chikezie

  • Carly

  • David C.
Audio from Slimtainment.com

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
David H.
- BOOT: MARCH 12th
David C.
David A.


  1. David was great this year. I'm going to miss him. A group card has been started for David... stop by and leave a personal message!


  2. I love Carly. This is the first episode of American Idol that I've had a chance of watching (this episode) and she really made an impression! Wow. Thanks for all the sound clips! :3

  3. Btw, how do you download in divshare. :c I've signed up. Lol. I just want to download that song :)

  4. Carly's ba? There's supposed to be a share link on the button...wait lemme figure it out.

  5. There's something unusual with the link. Hala. There's really supposed to be a "share" beside it, eh. And DivShare is suddenly so slow.

    You can get the studio recorded version here, by the way, so it sounds better (no claps and screams): http://slimtainment.com/idolblog/?p=1284

    If you click on the DivShare icon, that's supposed to give you the DL link. But it's slow.