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13 March 2007

Summer TV

A good news came in the mail yesterday morning from SkyCable ---- we're finally going to have a new channel by April 1: ETC 2nd Ave! Whoohooo! Other subscribers have been enjoying this one since last year. But since we live in what is technically a province outside Metro Manila, our cable provider, the biggest one in the metro, operates differently.

So that's one thing I shall look forward to. :)

Catch these shows on cable too, some have actually premiered this week:

How I Met Your Mother
ETC - Mondays 830 PM

Crime/Suspense - Mondays 10 PM

RPN 9 - Sundays 8 PM

30 Rock
Star World - Thurs 9 PM

Prison Break
Star World - (Season 1) Tues 9 PM
Crime/Suspense - (Season 2) Thurs 10 PM

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
ETC 2nd Ave - Tues 9 PM

ETC 2nd Ave - Tues 8 PM

The L Word
ETC 2nd Ave - Thurs 9 PM

Le Femme Nikita
Crime/Suspense - M-F 5 PM

Studio 23 - Mon 9 PM

Studio 23 - Thurs 8 PM

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