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17 March 2007


  • Crime procedural drama, what else?
  • The main character is scornful and sarcastic, sounds familiar?
  • The main character solves crimes with the help of his hallucinations, which usually involve the victims. Yes, he can see dead people. And no, he's not a medium nor a psychic, not even a fake psychic. He is just eccentric.
The mood to this show is dreary, perhaps to match the eccentricities of its character. The series is more plot centered, rather than character-centered (ala House), for now at least.

I am not sure I would like to stick around for this one, I have not made my decision. Watching too many crime-dramas as much as I can, I was expecting Raines to be a notch different. But somehow with its first offering, it appeared just like a blur among all those crime shows I keep tabs on. Was not too blown away to care.

Season 1

Original airing: March 15, 2007 (regular episodes will run on Fridays after the premiere)
Network: NBC

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