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29 May 2011

Happy Endings' Right Episode Order (IT WAS A MESS!)

On television, Happy Endings' episode order was not the original order the writers intended. The change was done in order to keep focus off Alex & Dave's relationship drama, thinking it would be a huge turn off with viewers.

I was more annoyed that it's out of order, really. So here's the correct sequence:

  1. Pilot
  2. Bo Fight (aired on TV as Episode 10)
  3. Barefoot Pedaler (aired on TV as Episode 11)
  4. Dave of the Dead (aired on TV as Episode 7)
  5. Quicksand Girlfriend (aired on TV as Episode 2)
  6. Why Can’t You Read Me (NEVER AIRED. And I need to watch this!)
  7. Of Mice and Jazz Kwon Do (aired on TV as Episode 6)
  8. Mein Coming Out (aired on TV as Episode 4)
  9. Your Couples, Friends, and Neighbors (aired on TV as Episode 3)
  10. You’ve Got Male (aired on TV as Episode 9)
  11. The Girl with the David Tattoo (aired on TV as Episode 8)
  12. Like Father, Like Gun (aired on TV as Episode 5)
  13. The Shershow Redemption 

You can follow the writers of Happy Endings on their Twitter account.


  1. ay naku, that explains it! thanks for sharing this. i had a hard time following the development of the characters tuloy... less pogi points for the show ha.

  2. True! I watched it last night following the right order. It was tons better.

  3. is there anywhere you can watch the never aired episode

  4. The never aired episode is actually going to be a part of Season 2 now. I think it'll be season 2, ep 2.

  5. Oh cool! Thanks for that information! =)

  6. Thanks for this. I watched the entire series last night, and totally noticed there was something off with the running order (like, why were Max and Dave in a food van with the teddy cam? Ohh, I see, he gets a van... IN THE FUTURE!). So, thanks for this, I'm gonna re-order the episodes and watch from the beginning again.

    You're totally right, I found the order far more annoying than the focus on their relationship. Hell, it made no sense for Dave and Al to suddenly be fine with each other, only to totally regress at the end.

    In short, thanks for this! :D

  7. Thanks, this is very annoying, episode 10 is really out of place. And now that I'm watching back I'm noticing things like the food truck from the future.

  8. Thank you so much for that.
    I recently watched Happy Endings and I didn't really like it because I thought the characters and stories weren't well written. But in the right order the development of the characters makes so much more sense and the show is really good.
    So thanks for this!!

  9. Thanks for this. When the Dave/Alex relationship story started coming to surface again in the later episodes of the season, I thought it would of made more sense for it to have happened earlier in the season!

  10. Thanks for this - I thought I was going mad! it was so weird that one minute they were both fine with each other, and then completely back to square one again!

  11. Thanks! Were seasons 2 and 3 aired in the correct order?

  12. I knew beforehand about this excellent post. I am inspired to comment by the fact that I've just received the S1 DVD and have found the episodes to be arranged in a slightly corrected but differently erroneous order - on the DVD, the episodes are as follows (each number corresponding to the chronologically correct one as stated by you): 1 11 3 8 2 13 7 5 4 10 9 6 12.

  13. To be clear: in my order above, Pilot is the DVD's 1st episode and Shershow Redemption is its 12th.

  14. Thanks I'm.watching it on Netflix and am so confused. Dave and Alex were fine and then all of a sudden couldn't be around each other. Dave had the food truck three episodes before he bought it. And he moved in with Max episode ten when he'd been living there since episode two. Wtf??? Why would they air it like this. Its a miracle this show kept viewers.

  15. funny (to me) because the Dave/Alex relationship drama was the very reason I didn't want to watch the show, so the network was right as far as I go, but I do hate when they mess with the viewing order more

  16. I think your 5 and 6 should be switched because of the allergist reference