08 January 2013

I think it's time. I've started hating you so...bye, REVENGE!

Hate-watching has become the biggest thing to hit TV in the year that passed. It's a not a new lifestyle habit. People watch TV shows, and choose to remain watching, only to stress about its characters and storylines all the time.

But now, there's a term for it: hate-watching.

I didn't really want to start 2013 by blogging with the word "hate" in it. But I think I may have to acknowledge that I've gotten aboard the hate wagon when watching 43 minutes of Revenge seemed to stretch to eternity.

I was glued to Emily and the Hampton's richest from start to finish the other night. I distinctively remember deconstructing Emily's weird wired red dress. But for the life of me, I didn't really know what was going on with the story.

Emily's wired red dress

I could've stopped and turned the TV off. I could've chosen to watch something else. But I went on and on, trying to understand what was happening, all the while noticing Nolan's quirks or confirming, once again, how much I really dislike the Jack, Declan and fakeAmanda characters. I did this while going back and forth the red dress in my mind, wondering if the wires felt cold against Emily's skin. The red dress had more impact on me than what was going on with the show!

For the most part, I spent watching this season consumed with noticing all the things that's wrong about Revenge, which is, essentially, the bane of hate-watching. What has this show done to me? But more importantly, what have they done to this show?

I didn't really want to start 2013 blogging about bidding goodbye to a series I've loved so well during its first season. But in trying to convince myself why I should still watch, I was more convinced that this show's bringing no more substance to my viewing pleasure.

I should've taken the cue five episodes ago. But I thought I would miss out something, so I stuck with it.

Now I know better.

Hate-watching Revenge? Not good for my sanity.

So, goodbye Hamptons and your fashionable power-hungry freaks!

I've just crossed-out Revenge off my list, Emily Thorne style.

P.S. Incidentally, new show Deception, which premiered today on NBC, has been receiving a lot of Revenge comparisons. Salon.Com thinks it's actually better. I've seen the pilot before the holidays and I would agree that it is like it. But to say it could be better? Too early to conclude.