19 January 2013

Daily TV News: Tina & Amy, Hanks & Spielberg, TV Pilots & More!

I went through my GetGlue profile and discovered that I've been watching 8 to 10 TV shows daily. It's amazing how my world stops when I'm watching TV.  Someone kindly and privately asked, perhaps with a hint of concern, cluelessness or judgement, if I do anything else other than sit all day and watch. Hah. I won't dignify that with a reply.  

Anyway, the news...

I really love this feature: The Tale of Tina & Amy: They didn't just destroy at the Globes they're 2 of the most important comedians working today | via Grantland.
"The biggest laugh on Sunday came when Lena Dunham, in a ham-handed attempt to pay tribute to the accomplished ladies she'd just bested, thanked Fey and Poehler for "getting [her] through middle school." In response, the fortysomething co-hosts emerged from backstage with drinks in hand, snarkily toasting their faded youth. Dunham intended no slight, but she actually was on to something: Fey and Poehler are indeed the mothers of her style. Thanks to their unshowy toil, network TV comedy is now a female-fronted enterprise, from the adorkable New Girl to the untrustworthy B in Apt. 23..."
Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, TV's Wonder Girls

In the spirit of Band of Brothers: "HBO Developing Third WWII Miniseries with Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg (Exclusive)" | via The Hollywood Reporter. Time and again I've said on this blog that Band of Brothers is one of my favorite TV mini-series. The follow-up, The Pacific, wasn't as good, but I hope that this new series they're hatching is going to have the same calibre as Band of Brothers.

For the curious, next season's lineup: "TV Pilots 2013: The complete guide to what's been ordered and who's attached" | via The Hollywood Reporter. I am bookmarking this page, like I did last season's. Seeing a couple of noteworthy shows to look out for, such as that one with Joss Whedon's name attached to the project. That has been getting buzz since middle of last year.

Via Vulture | This teaser for Gossip Girl Acapulco had me giggling. I dunno why. Watch it:

This one promises no more aliens: "American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters Returning for S3" | via The Hollywood Reporter. More AHS: "Ryan Murphy teases 'American Horror Story' Season 3: Here's what you need to know" | via Zap2it.

Via Pajiba | New Girl gag reel. Fun!

Zombieland movie becoming a TV show? | Via io9. Coz zombie's all the rage now, this has to happen?

Someone familiar is paying Ben & Kate a visit. He's doing comedy this time. Good for him! via TV Guide.

Homeland reduces Mike's status. The actor will have less appearance in S3. | via HuffPost TV.

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