15 January 2013

Daily TV News: Golden Globes, Showtime, Hawaii Five-O, The Following & The Carrie Diaries

I've been constantly finding ways to put regular updates on this blog without giving away the fact that I've actually been lazy. (Can't you tell? :P) So, beginning today, I thought I should do the summary of daily TV news rundowns that you can also read on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (but going round the clock). I used to do this back when social media was still an inception and organic blogging was the only way to go. 

I'm gonna try and bring additional inputs to this summary, if only to keep me motivated with writing about TV. Let's see how long I can keep this up! *fingers crossed* 

Here goes...

Golden Globes ratings way up. Hasn't been like this since 2007. Read the story on Deadline.

"Getting Bill Clinton to the Golden Globes" Read the story on Huffington Post. A lot of people in that room that night were surprised to see the former President, weren't they?

"Why Did Lena Dunham Thank Chad Lowe in Her Globes Acceptance Speech?" Read the story on TV Guide. People wondered about this too. Did they do a project together? Turns out, the reason behind it started as a Twitter pact.

Speaking of Lena Dunham...her winning a Best Actress plum? I wasn't keen on it the same way Tina Fey won hers for the first time during the early seasons of 30 Rock. To me, thet weren't brilliant actors (actress), but brilliant creators and writers of their shows (Although Fey proved to be a delightful actress much, much later). Only, the Globes doesn't honor specific writing or producing categories.

Showtime is happy! Golden Globes wins plus this: ‘House Of Lies’, ‘Californication’ & ‘Shameless’ All Return Strong - Read the report here. I've only seen the second season premiere of House of Lies last night and I love what is happening to Kristen Bell's character. I don't follow Californication, but I'm going to watch Shameless later this week. William H. Macy apparently shaved his head for the show this season. Not as surprising as the way Anne Hathaway did it for her movie, though.

HAWAII FIVE O is going to do a first on crime procedural TV. Viewers get to choose the ending in real time w/c means outcome can differ between East & West coast. "Three different endings were filmed for this Monday’s Hawaii Five-0, each featuring the reveal of a different killer. During the live broadcasts (both East Coast and West Coast), viewers will be encouraged to vote for whodunit via Twitter or the official CBS site — the winning ending for each broadcast will be aired in real-time. This could, at least in theory, lead to CBS airing a different ending in New York than in Los Angeles." Read the analysis on why the show is betting on the wrong audience here.

Tonight is the season premiere of THE CARRIE DIARIES with AnnaSophia Robb. I've read the script, seen the teaser, and have gone through one or two reviews and I don't know about you, but I've been anticipating this one since last year:

Upcoming series THE FOLLOWING is "risky, gutsy, dark and sick & scary show" says a TV critic. It's being compared to DEXTER & THE MENTALIST. I got this from TV Guide's Matt Roush who does his weekly TV Q & A. Here's the whole gist (click image for larger view):

The teaser to the following: