26 January 2013

Daily TV News: Parenthood, The Office, Game of Thrones & More!

"Why it's time to binge-watch Parenthood" | via Grantland. I got into Parenthood after binge-watching at the end of last year and now get why people are raving about it on Twitter. The only gripe I have about this show is how things quickly progress into a full-blown drama, when the issues that crop up are sometimes non-issues. (Me screaming on the TV: "Problema ba yun?!!!" Translated: Is that even a problem?) It's kinda stressful to watch and at the same time, it's catharsis. There were also two things they left out from the finale: 1) that Haddie's character wasn't acknowledge (she's off to college), and 2) we don't really know if Laura's aware that her teenage boy went through a serious choice with his girlfriend who got their baby aborted.

"It was love at first audition for Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski." | via People Magazine. This coupling is really a match made in heaven, professionally and on the small screen. But it broke my heart to watch The Office yesterday. Jim & Pam's fight got very real that I think most couples could relate to what happened. And those two actors were soooo good at it, I'm so grateful they made Jim & Pam so relatable.

From Kicking Television.

I ended up crying for a good 10 minutes after watching this episode of The Office. God, I love this show!!!

"'American Idol' Might Be Slapped With Massive Racism Lawsuit" | via Indiewire. Huh. This show has every kind of publicity ever hatched.

"Spartacus final season arrives tonight: Your guide to the new characters" | via HuffPost TV.  Really excited for this one! And yes I am watching this later today!

Not ready to binge on American Horror Story S2 yet but this article says it's a richer, better show than S1: "Seitz on the End of American Horror Story’s Second Season: From Campy to Compassionate" | via Vulture.

Feast on this: "Game of Thrones' Offers First Look at Season 3 With 23 New Images (Photos)" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

Ellis is returning on Smash! | via TV Line. Is the actor playing him ready for the another round of hate-calls on Twitter?

Secret Circle/Life Unexpected star has a new show | via TV Line. I think its time this actress plays more mature roles. To be typecasted as a high schooler doesn't seem to work. She's too sexy to be 16...that's what I think is the problem. Well, among other things.

Sarah Chalke Scrubs In on Grey's Anatomy | via TV Line. I am gonna be watching this episode! I love Sarah Chalke!

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