25 January 2013

Daily TV News: Cancellations, The Office, Pilot Watch & More!


"ABC quietly pulled the next all-new episode of Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" | via Sitcoms Online.

"Fox yanks Ben and Kate" saying it will air remaining episodes "sometime" | via Entertainment Weekly.

"TBS Cancels 'Wedding Band' After One Season" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

I wasn't able to do the Daily TV News list for a couple of days coz these cancellation news have upset me so. I really enjoyed these shows so much and to learn that they're not moving forward for another year is a huge bummer. 

It's been said that Apartment 23 wasn't the right fit for the network and would've gained better exposure on Fox or cable TV.

Ben & Kate wasn't really rating well and it's a pity because I'm really liking the Kate character a lot more than Jess from New Girl and the actress playing BJ always deliver.

I'm not really sure why Wedding Band was cancelled because ratings isn't a primary concern for cable TV. But I read something about TBS changing its programming and identity and like Apartment 23, the show doesn't fit with its new ideas.

The Office Updates

"Steve Carell Explains Decision Not To Return For The Office Series Finale"  | via Access Hollywood.

"Get ready to meet The Office documentary crew ... this week!" | via Huffington Post.

A lot of people think that when Steve Carrell left, the show was as good as done. I would really love to see him in the finale though. I feel that the show owes that to us, the viewers. But then again, this is just me feeling too entitled because I sat through this show through the good and bad. (Well, alright... I gave up watching the last few episode from last year!)

Pilot Season

What 2013 -2014 is shaping up to be like: "Pilot Season Trends: Thirty-Somethings, Dysfunction and Adaptations" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

"'S.H.I.E.L.D' photos: Get your first glimpse from the set of the Joss Whedon pilot" | via Zap2it.

So there's a show called "REVENGE", then there's "DECEPTION" and coming up: "BETRAYAL" | via TV Line.

Also coming up: SLEEPY HOLLOW, the TV series | via Entertainment Weekly.

Pilot news! That one always excites me coz  it's like anticipating New Year's! I haven't really gone over the list thoroughly but there have been some interesting concepts popping up my news feed that I'm so eager for the new season to start.


This show doesn't get on the news enough, but the ratings? "NCIS topped 25 million viewers for the first time ever" | via TV By The Numbers. I now personally know 2 of the 25 million people who follow this. Haha.

"TV Ratings: Fox's 'The Following' Gets a Strong Start" via The Hollywood Reporter. Yes, this was a promising start to what hopefully would be a really good series.. The show had this movie treatment. Did you watch?

Endings and Beginnings (or Returns, for that matter):

"The cast of PrivatePractice says farewell" |  via TV Guide.

“I’m hopeful that we'll get a Season 5” --- Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims | via TV Guide.

Mad Men Season 6 returns April 7th | via Entertainment Weekly.