16 January 2013

Daily TV News: Carrie Diaries, Hawaii Five-0 Alternate Ending Videos, Gay Actor Out and more!

Premiere of THE CARRIE DIARIES fails, rating only at 1.6M. But CW says "Monday dramas are its most DVR’ed shows". Read the full story on Entertainment Weekly. Maybe their target audience is tired of these white girls and all their drama? But it's still the first episode and things could still improve. CW could use new shows anyway.  For what its worth, I really enjoyed how the pilot went down. I thought it was executed seamlessly. And I loved the 80's soundtrack!
The Carrie Diaries, CW’s much-talked about prequel to Sex and the City, debuted at 8 on Monday but not quite so many Carrie Bradshaw lovers opted to check out the younger version: The hour-long drama only averaged 1.6 million viewers and actually lost some eyeballs from the first to second half-hour (1.7 million to 1.4 million), according to early Nielsen data. It repeated an hour later. The CW points out that its Monday dramas are typically the most DVR’ed shows on its lineup (Gossip Girl averaged a 58% jump in women 18-34, for example). So maybe the news will improve next week for our young Carrie. Stay tuned.
The Carrie Diaries' Candace Bushnell, who wrote the book the TV show has adapted, talks about doing the TV series on Huffington Post. She is actually Executive Producing this one.

Maggie Smith is returning to Downton Abbey's Season 4. Yay!  Read the full report on TV Line. Some of the best lines from this show are from this actress. And she delivers it with perfect timing. Which is why that Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actress is so well-deserved.

"The Walking Dead Has Found Its New Showrunner"- Details are on Vulture.  More details on The Hollywood Reporter. For the record, the new showrunner is the 3rd person to run the series. AMC fired Frank Darabont, the person mainly responsible for bringing this comic book adaptation on TV, at the start of show's second season. And the second showrunner, Glenn Mazzara's "shortcomings in running the series became "abundantly clear … especially for the second half of the season," with production shut down several times because of a lack of material."

Your favorite FRIENDS episode, with the trivia, turns 15 years old today!  Popping the DVD to watch and celebrate? Or you can watch here.

Still watching Revenge? Still confused? This should help! "A Handy Guide to Untangling the show's Tangled Webs" - Read it on Zap2It. Unfortunately, even if I read this, I personally have quit the show.

Charlie Sheen has expressed through David Letterman, that he wants to return to the series finale of Two and A Half Men. Watch the interview here.  I would like to say, "How can he, they killed him off in the show?!" But I remembered, anything can happen on TV.

The limited series on the life of Alexander the Great is being produced by Germany’s Beta Film, ZDF Enterprises and Gruppe 5. Read the full story on The Hollywood Reporter. Another show to look forward to!

"How 'Pretty Little Liars' Reinvented the Slasher" - Read this story on The Atlantic.  As much as I dislike the show for going nowhere with its plots, Pretty Little Liars has the strongest social media following and presence. It will be around for awhile. Boooo.

Victor Garber, Alias' Sydney Bristow's dad, is gay. The story here. Not a surprise for some. So...not really an "outing".

Is American Idol still relevant in Season 12? Well... yes and no | via TVguide. The show returns tomorrow.

It is definitely weird how they're choosing to end Drop Dead Diva! Show is cancelled after 4 Seasons, according to Deadline. No proper send-off? No resolutions? Coz I remember that the last season ended with a man trapped in Jane's body.

"'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Patrick J. Adams on Mike's Despair and Hope For a Relationship With Rachel." Read on BuddyTV. The show returns Jan. 17th (USA).

"Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 No Longer Airing on Sunday" | via Vulture.

Hawaii Five-0's choose your own ending? BALONEY!!! Read how it went down here.
“Endings,” however, was an exaggeration. The entire difference among the three alternate story lines was contained in a two-minute stretch at about the 51-minute mark, and even there the shots and editing were virtually the same except for a few seconds of the winning villain running through the jungle brandishing a rifle. All of the fuss amounted to about 75 words of alternate dialogue, shot in identical setups or dubbed. If you took a bathroom break just after 10:50 p.m., you missed the whole thing.

This is the ending East Coast viewers chose: 

This is the ending West Coast viewers chose:

This is the 3rd alternate ending that was not shown on TV:

About this daily TV news tally, originally posted Jan 15th:
I've been constantly finding ways to put regular updates on this blog without giving away the fact that I've actually been lazy. (Can't you tell? :P) So, beginning today, I thought I should do the summary of daily TV news rundowns that you can also read on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (but going round the clock). I used to do this back when social media was still an inception and organic blogging was the only way to go. I'm gonna try and bring additional inputs to this summary, if only to keep me motivated with writing about TV. Let's see how long I can keep this up! *fingers crossed*