29 January 2013

Daily TV News: Downton Abbey, Girls, Girl Meets World & More

TV trend: The chase is done and there are happily married TV couples. "TV Moves Past Its 'Ross and Rachel' Phase" | via Slate.

Got time to spare? This site has a THOROUGH rundown on theories of who Mother really is. Worth a read! Bookmark it because it is so detailed. | via Corina Writes.

"'X Factor' Australia hopeful dies at auditions" | via Digital Spy. This happened during the producer's shortlist and not in front of the judges.

Why American TV is in love with Downton Abbey | via Standard. Also, "How Downton Abbey’s Surprise Death Stunned England" |  via Vulture.  Have you gotten the Downton Abbey bug yet?

"Amy Poehler & Adam Scott At Sundance: What It's Like To Join The 'A.C.O.D.' Stars At Their Party Table" | via Huffington Post.

This was written before last night's episode of Girls: "In Defense of Marnie, the Most Hated Girl on Girls" | via Slate. So last night on Girls? The relationship between Marnie and Hannah? Toxic. These two shouldn't be friends with each other anymore. And for such a really pretty and intelligent girl, Marnie has a self-perception problem. That's not unlike a lot of women I know, but I have a problem seeing Marnie that way because I can't disassociate her with the actress playing her (who is brilliant!).

"A Farewell Salute to Ben & Kate" | via NPR.

Could George Clooney be what The Good Wife needs to boost ratings? | via Huffington Post. I was in denial about this show dropping in ratings. But the latest episode has hit another low and that shouldn't be the case. The Good Wife is...well, good!

"Joss Whedon still wants 'Firefly' to return" WE ALL DO! | via Zap2it.

World, meet the girl who will play Cory and Topanga's daughter in the spinoff. She looks spunky. Love her face already! | via Entertainment Weekly.

Rowan Blancard, Girl Meets World