03 February 2011

Harry's Law: Still Rough But I Finally Saw Something Good!

Harry's Law with Kathy Bates
Third one's the charm indeed.

I'm glad I stuck with Harry's Law after three episodes. I wasn't as satisfied as the first and second airings; I wasn't sure what this show was trying to be.  And although it felt like any typical David E. Kelley law series (therefore --- been there, done that, saw that!)... the third episode was very satisfactory in that I was able to see more from the character of Harriet (or Harry). Kathy Bates delivered once again. While I was watching her do her scenes, I was also thinking how much it's going to be crowded for the Emmy actress race this year.

Harry's Law is about a patent lawyer who switched careers and started her own law firm. Without any real experience in criminal law, the shift feels as though Harry's a newbie in the court... where she finds that not everything is black and white.

Her office is situated in a former shoe store, where (weirdly) still houses branded shoes which the former occupant left. Her secretary decides to sell these shoes on the side. Thus, the law office "Harriet's Law and Fine Shoes" is established.

Rounding up the cast is Harry's paralegal and also a former lawyer who leaves his old job to team up with Harry, who he idolizes.

Like many of David E. Kelley's show, Harry's Law is kooky and the storylines are so out there. You may end up feeling that this is yet another rehash of his old series like Ally McBeal, or Boston Legal or maybe even The Practice...and that's actually a fair assessment.

But give the show till the third episode a chance. It's a story on Harry appealing for an innocent man who has served 25 years in jail. It's actually quite unoriginal but...Kathy Bates and guest actor Steve Harris did so well together.

I am hoping that after this, the show will pick up from there and smoothen its rough edges.