31 January 2011


There are two American stars on TV right now who remind me of two local Filipino stars.  If you can't tell by now, I'm not a big fan of local showbiz. We have a lot of talented people here, alright. But there are not enough good materials for them to show what they can really do as actors.

So, whenever I'm watching these US TV shows, I can't help but picture that it's actually our local stars who are on it. I keep telling myself, "See? How awesome would it be if they actually get roles like that on Filipino programs?!"

Christine Woods from Perfect Couples looks like....

Christine Woods, Perfect Couples
...Kristin Hermosa's older sister, if not Kristin Hermosa herself.  Christine Woods' role on the series is tailor-made for Kristine, who has been used to playing the romantic lead for many years.

Kristine Hermosa

And Monica Raymund from Lie To Me is...

Monica Raymund, Lie To Me
...a dead ringer for Judy Ann Santos. I know she once played a cop in a series, a million years ago. The role on Lie To Me would be perfect for her.

Judy Ann Santos
Are you like me sometimes and compare local stars with foreign actors? Which ones do you have?