11 February 2011

Pilots for Fall 2011 Season

A site called TheTVRatings has a very organized graph of pilot episodes set for Fall Season 2011. These are upcoming shows we can expect to watch come September.

Going over the list, I think there are lots of programs that don't fit into "standard network TV" category.  I wonder how this is going to work given average viewers don't like experimental stories. But I'm pleased to see this level of ambitiousness from these synopsis, because that would mean there are plenty of potentially good shows coming (I mean, if the cast and crew can make it work).

These programs aren't sure balls. Some of these may end up being dropped from the network's roster or moved to the following seasons, like three years down the line.

I blogged a similar list last month, but this graph is more updated. Also, The Futon Critic has always carried a development list of TV programs for years.