26 February 2011


Glee's not making a lot of sense to me now. I'm close to giving it up and would soon settle for just watching clips of the song numbers on Youtube.

The episode this week was...noisy. Ten minutes into it, and it became just background noise for me.  Because as soon as I saw this dress on Rachel Berry? It was all I could think about.

H & M Scottie Dress, $49.50

Could never wear this though.  Because I'm not 16. :P Just pretty pleased how fashionable Scottie Dogs are.

Anyway, back to Glee... I read this from TWOP the other day, in the article: 10 Worst School on TV and I thought I'd pass it on.
We haven't seen much of Dalton Academy, home of the Warblers, but we've got to imagine that little studying can get done with everyone wearing those distractingly ugly jackets. And all they seem to do there is drink coffee and sing. Still, highly caffeinated, badly dressed students who can afford private school tuition are still probably better off than the poor schlubs over at McKinley High. That's a school where the cheerleading coach can take over as principal and make dictatorial rules about anything she wants. Where teachers throw shoes at already ridiculed outcasts. Where bullying goes largely unchecked, the guidance counselor only knows how to hand out pamphlets on issues, students are nearly launched out of cannons, the Spanish teacher focuses all his efforts on Glee club and an untrained, pill-dealing woman is allowed to be a nurse. We're frankly surprised that no one has died yet. Though the season isn't over.

Are you still loving Glee or are you close to giving it up, too?