06 February 2011

Social Media Whoring Time: I'm on GetGlue, Follow Me! :P

I kept seeing a friend of mine putting GetGlue updates on his Facebook status/wall and I was so envious! (Coz I am a shallow human being!)

I thought this app was only possible with an iPhone or an iPad and I since I can't work any of those gadgets, I gave up hoping to have this fancy instant update on my Facebook wall whenever I'm about to watch a TV show.

Until it finally dawned on me to google up "GetGlue. (D'oh! IKR?!)

And so I arrived at their website and immediately opened an account.

So then...yadda, yadda, yadda...talk, talk, talk... I only want to say that I'm now on GetGlue, liking every possible TV and movie program I can click "like" on. They have other categories, too. But it's all related to Entertainment. There's nothing about nail polishes (bummer!).

Anyway...you follow, I follow? Yes? Let's get glued together?