24 February 2011

I'm 37 years old and I love watching Pretty Little Liars!

My 37-year old self hates to admit loving Pretty Little Liars so much.

Based on a book series by Sara Shepard, I don't think Ms. Shepard wrote her stories with my age bracket in mind. Of course, the TV series is also created to cater to the young market. Which makes it harder to admit how much I'm liking it. Is this where my mindset is??? Am I that juvenile???

In its most recent episode, Aria, who has been having an affair with her English teacher (Mr. Ezra Fitz), made the mistake of calling him "Ezra" in front of the whole class. You don't address your teacher on a first-name basis, unless you're hooking up with him.

So, you know what I did? I gasped. I reacted exactly the same way the rest of the girls did. And I felt I was in that very same room when Aria slipped.

That's how much engaged I've been about this show.

Cuteness overload!
But the thing is, Pretty Little Liars is far from being just a "teen series."

For despite Emily's annoying delivery and expressions, despite the girls behaving like 25 year old kids, and beyond those trendy clothes they wear (that I love so, so much!) ... each episode is actually quite fascinating. Like a good mystery novel you can't put down, the plot has become so riveting that I can't stop watching it.

Every week, I anticipate knowing more about who A is and how much she's able to control the girls.  I want to know more about who is behind the killing, and why it happened. I wanna find out Jenna's secrets and if she's A or someone else. (I read the spoilers so I know who A is, but will the show follow what's in the book?)

Are you just as engaged with Pretty Little Liars as I am? I hope you are and I hope you're my age or older. We've got to establish our club!