24 February 2011

Dear Zach Gilford

I love you, man.

Loved your work on Friday Night Lights. "The Son" is my all-time FNL favorite episode.

I love what you do so much that when I learned you were doing a doctor drama with Shonda Rhimes, which to me is like Julie Taylor making another bad decision --- you get that, I know --- I vowed to watch Off The Map despite my prejudice.

I followed till the 6th episode. And I've to say it now but... I'm sorry, Zach. I could not even finish the 7th.

You know, it's not you. It's not even anybody in the cast. You're all likeable, in fact.

It is your show. It's crap.  The way they've written your characters and the stories? I just can't stand the cheesy-ness. Utter cornball, man.

I don't know how you cope.

And I know you know it isn't just me who sees it this way. Have you checked the ratings? Just under 1.4 Million viewers last week. That's bad and you know it.

From where I sit, it doesn't look like this will work out. I was really hoping Off The Map would do well.  If only for your sake. Because you know, I do love seeing you on TV.

In the event that OFM goes off the air, will you consider hooking up with Shawn Ryan or Liz Tigelaar for your next TV show?

I trust you will make a better career choice after this. You're way too good to be in something kitschy.