23 February 2011

Two New TV Series from Steven Spielberg

Well alright, these upcoming shows aren't exactly created by Steven Spielberg. Nor is he directing any of the episodes.

But since he is Executive Producer to both, it's been getting good press release with his name on it. (Hence, my entry's title.)

And also because, these new shows have  --- (drumroll, please!) aliens and dinosaurs! When it comes to entertainment in this context, Steven Spielberg's name does come to mind.

So which one will you be watching?


Set to air this May, Terra Nova stars Jason O' Mara (oh, dear lord not him!) and Stephen Lang. (I have reservations about Jason O'Mara because watching him on Life On Mars was painful! I'm sorry! I wasn't impressed!) He plays husband and father to three kids. There's nothing unusual about that, except that they all live in the year 2149 and life on Earth is almost non-existent.

To preserve this, scientists found a way to teleport people so they can "correct" the mistakes made against the Earth. But the problem is, these scientists? Teleported our main characters as far back as 85 Million years ago....back to the time of dinosaurs. (What fate could be any worse?!)


Coming in June and headlined by Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood (yes, there's one too many OOOO's in her name but she is awesome!), Falling Skies is about an alien invasion. Pfft! We've all seen one too many alien invasions too, so what else could be different? I actually wouldn't know but maybe this teaser would give us clues (Lt. Dyke from Band of Brothers is on it!!!):

It's too soon to tell which of these Spielberg-produced programs is going to be much-talked about after its debut.

What I know, though, from what I've seen so far? They're not going to hold-off on special effects. I mean --- did you see those spaceships attacking???