09 February 2011

Catching Up! I Have A Few TV Stuff To Talk About...

Spent a few minutes reading old entries from this blog and man!! I talked a lot back in the day! How did you manage to stick with me? I was really that chatty, huh? These days, however, I can only talk about TV sparsely. And if you've noticed, the most I can do is talk TV to you via this blog three times a week (or less). Turns out, I discovered I can do other things with my time! Haha.

I'm feeling a bit chatty today. So, let's talk....

I haven't blogged about Fairly Legal at all, save for this teaser. But I've been watching it every week. I find that Sarah Shahi gets lovelier every minute. As for the show? It is as light and breezy as watching Drop Dead Diva. But it can do better.

And Sarah Shahi's character, Kate? Needs to slow down! Okay, she's supposed to be this hot-shot, I get that. She comes in and out of client meetings, like she's the female version of the Flash. That's supposed to show she's a woman who is very in demand and very busy. That's supposed to show she's great at what she does. But it's an overkill.

I mean, Jack Bauer at least rested when he's knocked out by the enemy. This woman? Energizer bunny crazy! I'm getting exhausted watching her keep all of her appointments. Plus, she runs around in heels. Her feet must be killing her!

Now, this show? A gem of a discovery! I'm so glad there's something like this on TV. Portlandia's level of goofiness is not going to be easy to swallow. I've been watching the third episode with the husband the other day and he was seeing it for the first time. When the show was finished, he was like, "What the hell was all that weirdness?" and I was like, "I know! And I love it! Gimme some more of that!"

The best way I can describe this show, so that most of you can relate (most of this blog's Pinoy audience at least)? It's like watching Bubble Gang, but as a show where there's one storyline per episode. Yes, it's sketch comedy....sewn together to make one story. And that's hard to do, really. It takes a writer with special talent to do that!

To better illustrate what I'm trying to say, here's a sample from one review of Portlandia:
This week, singer-songwriter Aimee Mann joins the fun as Fred’s and Carrie’s cleaning lady. At first, they’re a bit confused and wonder if that’s really the pop idol sweeping the living room’s hardwood floors, so they do a little reconnaissance: They yell “Aimee!” from the hall and duck and cover. When she looks up from sweeping, Fred and Carrie have their answer. While they’re ecstatic about meeting Mann the musician, they’re also a little critical of her cleaning style. They poke fun at other female singer/songwriters in order to get in Aimee’s good graces, ragging on Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan (who does a cameo as a gardener).

This series started last night. It's a pretty good one. But I'm a little biased because anything Shawn Ryan does is gold to me. Plus, it has one of Friday Night Light's alumnus (Luke). The pilot episode was everything I expected it to be. I'll hold off talking about it because it's only the first one...I'm still waiting to see something more spectacular from it. But if you like cop shows, this is worth checking out.

In other news...
  • Secret Diary of A Call Girl's 4th Season is back on. It's going to be the last one.
  • Episodes is going to wrap up next week. I'm liking it alright, but the Beverly character is starting to annoy me with all that negativity. Please. I seem to associate her with Julie Andrews a lot and it's been difficult to reconcile that thought, when a "Julie Andrews" is all puppy-dogs and sunshine. Beverly is not. She's miserable.
  • Friday Night Lights ends this week. Five seasons of solid greatness. I am going to miss this.
  • I am enjoying Shameless' US version. So much.
  • Whatever happened to Live To Dance? Is it still on?
  • I don't know why I still keep watching Perfect Couples. It's a waste of time for me, but I can't stop. I feel the same way for Off The Map.

The rest of my usuals are making TV-watching a constant satisfaction for me. And there's a lot more to check out this week and next, as mid-season premieres are happening as I write this. (Matthew Perry's show is almost here!) 

I don't forget to regularly thank whoever invented television. =)

What are you thanking TV for these days?