03 December 2008

Upcoming Show Alert: KINGS - Watch its trailer!

Kings is one of those I look forward to because for one thing, I like the basic premise of it --- power and deception. Those elements just makes stories interesting, doesn't it? For another thing, I'm also waiting for this because I like watching Ian McShane back on TV. That man's got a terrifying presence on screen. I can't not stay put and watch.

But will Kings be of interest to many viewers?

The show is loosely based on the story of King David (of David and Goliath) but it is set in the present day. A TV critic calls the script "bold, bizarre and fun". For network television (as Kings will be airing on NBC this mid-season), it is something that has not yet been done before. Which means it can either be 1) too good, it becomes a success; or 2) too difficult to grasp, it will fail.

Watch this teaser and see if you like it ---

First impressions based on this short video? It looks like serious TV, man! And I'm starting to have doubts. Not about the show, but on whether or not I'd be able to follow it! I have a feeling I'd be falling under Group #2 or those who'd have a hard time grasping the story! Hah! The teaser looks complex.

Anyhow, there isn't a date set for the premiere. But I'd update this on my list as soon as it's announced.