06 December 2008

So glad to be back online! Now here's another TV Round-up!

I was out of internet for two days and didn't have a reliable internet back-up. There are lots of things I need to catch up on...I'm making up for lost time. So let's get right to it with this week's round-up, yeah?

Whaaat? The coaches daughter on FNL is heading to 90210?

Gossip Girl stuff:

A Full House Spinoff with the girls, Candice Cameron and Jodi Sweetin? Hmmmm....

Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff is coming in 2010.

On Battlestar Gallactica, you say, "Frak!" and it be cussing or cursing at something/someone. In Ikea, you say "Frack!" and it is this. I love it.

Kelsey Grammer and Megan Mullally are doing a movie together. The remake of Fame. They aren't the stars though. What does that tell you?

Guess who is playing Gambit in the Xmen movie? It's Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) from FNL!

Coupling and Swing Town's Jack Davenport's new project. I like!

He may have lost Eli Stone, but he's found a new blessing --- his new baby. Congratulations Jonny Lee Miller!

Knight Rider is on all stop. NBC has ordered to cut the series and may possible not get a second season.

I cannot wait for Castle, Cupid and The Unusuals --- the three shows ABC replaced Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money with!

This seasons hottest leading men include Kevin McKidd, Lee Pace, Simon Baker and Jon Hamm.

Hot Tina Fey. And here's how she looked before looking like that.

The most powerful women of Hollywood, 2008. Oprah is tops.

25 Smartest People of TV. List includes Tyra Banks, the women of The View, Jon Stewart, Chuck Lore for The Big Bang Theory.

Dirty, Sexy hot Jennifer Aniston in a 2009 Calendar. With a nipple slip. This woman is pushing 40?

I'm off to watch the shows I've missed in the last two-three days.

Be back in a few...