25 December 2008

Balthazar Getty is fired from Brothers and Sisters!

Whoa. This is quite a shock to read on Christmas day, is it? On the other hand...there have been whispers on the set and even outside the set a few weeks before. There have been blind items about it, that, if you follow the show, you'd probably see the news coming. Perhaps just not on Christmas Day.

From CDAN, who has been breaking entertainment news stories lately (it's the website that first broke the news about TR Knight's contract withdrawal from GA):
I am not too drunk to know what I heard when I was sober and that is that Balthazar Getty has been fired from Brothers And Sisters. I don't know the reason. I don't know if it is because of Sienna or because he was sleeping with someone else on the show or if he just wandered the set looking for twinkies all day and not working. All I do know is his publicist says Balthazar has not been fired, and I of course say his happy ass was canned just in time for the holidays. Balthazar was let go. Dismissed. Given a pink slip. Shown the door. Do you know how hard it is to get fired from a job like this. He must have done something completely f**ked up like snorting mercury or something with Piven in the back room while they looked at porn videos of the daughter of the producers.

Also read this news reported last week: Balthazar Getty Has No Friends On The Set Of "Brothers And Sisters"

Brothers and Sisters without Tommy? Much as I think he is the least talented one of all the actors, I still cannot imagine it.

What are they gonna do? Kill his character?