12 December 2008

TV Round-Up: Science has invaded scripted television

I thought I was the only one who has gone cold talking TV. If you've noticed, my postings have been short and it's an effort to do it on a daily basis these days. TV's been sooooo bad this season, these TV bloggers are feeling the same way I am and have even written something about it:

Katherine Heigl Debuts on Highest-Paid Actresses List. So, I'm gonna shut up wondering why she's sleeping with dead people on her show. She can demand for anything she wants.

I don't exactly like her and I don't know why that is. But Paula Marshall has been unfairly tagged as the Show Killer (as in every show she's been on has been canceled!). With Gary Unmarried looking to last the season, she's no show killer anymore. Good for her. - With ‘Gary Unmarried,’ Paula Marshall overturns her rep as a show killer.

I have dropped The Amazing Race this season...I still love that show, but I think I'm getting TAR burnout. Anyway, the siblings won. The brother's girlfriend, who lives with them, had nary a clue that they did until she saw the finale. Now, that confidentiality agreement is really binding! Watch the video.

TV Trend: Science on TV. From Mentalist, to Big Bang Theory, to Fringe, to Numb3rs....

NBC gets to keep Jay Leno, who is vacating his Tonight Show seat next season. This must suck for Conan because it doesn't change anything for him. They both just got earlier time slots, essentially.

Speaking of Conan, I cannot wait to watch the episode of Inside The Actor's Studio with him in it!

Jimmy Fallon's late night test run did not turn out funny according to this review.

Time Magazine picks The Shield as the #1 TV Show for 2008. Also on the list? Mad Men, Breaking Bad, the elections coverage, Lost, Chuck and four other shows.

Tom Welling is leaving Smallville next season? Wait, this show is still on?

Why did they drop Idol Gives Back?

Lawrence Fishburne debuts tonight on CSI.