10 December 2008

How Grey's Anatomy Writers Will Kill Off George O' Malley

He's still in, he wants out, he got fired --- who cares? I have not been a big fan of the whiny George O' Malley character, who the other week reminded all of us still watching (why am I still watching, dammit!!!) he did open heart surgery inside an elevator. That seems to be the only decent storyline George has gotten from this.

So, for two days and sometime last week...the rumor mill has been busy. It started with blind items from EW and E! saying an actor from Grey's Anatomy is leaving.

And then finally a ballsy gossip site (which I actually frequent ---- guilty! Hey, I like that it's ballsy!), CDAN, named him yesterday, causing entertainment sites to pick up their phones and confirm it.

The official statement released hours after that news exploded says the actor is still on the show and he isn't leaving.

But when the tides cleared this morning...we're hearing a different tune.

TR Knight, who plays George, wants out. He wants to leave the show. Reports say, he is negotiating for a graceful exit. The kind that isn't like the exit Brooke White got, or some brilliant heart surgeon from Season 3 got for that matter.

Since the stupid writers on this show are always looking for ways to shock us with dramatic, catastrophic but nearly impossible plot developments, I've got a suggestion to how George has to go ----

It cannot get any more symbolic than that!

Image from Google Images