02 December 2008

Rome, the movie in the works. What would that do for Kevin McKidd

Since he is now becoming a series regular on Grey's Anatomy as Major McHottie, would Kevin McKidd be so willing to leave the show so he can do Rome's movie version? He has to do the film, right? He's one of the two important characters on Rome, so he cannot take a pass. And they don't shoot in a studio, I suppose. They travel overseas for those authentic sights and background. What would that do to Major McHottie?

I read about Rome creator, Bruno Heller's, interview last week. He was talking about The Mentalist and mentioned Rome in passing. Although he did say, the movie is still under "talks", so it's premature to assume there will actually be one, unless the camera starts rolling.

But I would much rather see Kevin McKidd on this film than on Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, he's giving that show new life. It's probably why I'm still watching it. But I'm afraid the way things are going downhill over there, he's pretty much part of a sinking ship. And Kevin McKidd cannot be part of a sinking ship! His TV show before this, Journeyman, did fail. But that one at least had a decent story when it ended.

That said, I cannot wait for the film to get started.