16 December 2008

OMG! Jack Black comes to The Office!

Not feeling the holiday spirit yet. Le Body's been experiencing all sorts of something. Signs of aging? I don't know. But it is really getting harder to get up in the morning.

This piece of news woke me up though (for a while, then I instantly felt weak again :P) ---- movie actor Jack Black is visiting The Office.

The Ausiello reports:

The Office's post-Super Bowl episode just scored the equivalent of a touchdown with a two-point conversion: Jack Black has signed on to guest star in the hour-long episode, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The hitcom's producers are keeping the specifics of Black's stint under lock and key, so the only detail I've been able to uncover is that the funny man won't be playing himself.

As previously reported by TV Week, the Feb. 1 episode, which will air immediately following NBC's Super Bowl telecast, will revolve around the staff of Dunder Mifflin roasting Michael (Steve Carell).

Maybe Black will serve as roastmaster? Or is he Dwight's long lost brother?

Will write about it some more on WatchingTheOffice.com later.