09 December 2008

Who will these young TV stars look like when they are older?

Can't say that this one just came out of nowhere because I have actually been noticing the similarities before. Do you agree with me or do I need to get my eyes check asap (and yes, for the record, I do have bad vision...).

These are who these actors will look like when they age ----

Michelle Trachtenberg, who playes someone's sister on Gossip Girl (I think?) and also Buffy's sister, will look like Julie Andrews when she's older. Don't believe so? How about taking a look at this photo of Miss Andrews back in the day?

Close right?

Now, this next pair...

I was watching Miley's new MTV off Youtube earlier this afternoon. The 16-year old kid was trying very hard to look sexy in her video (ugh!). But I just don't see it. Poor girl. She doesn't have sex appeal, I'm sorry.

Instead, I saw Brooke Smith, who was most recently in the news as the actor who got fired on Grey's Anatomy.

They so look alike, huh?


Now this, I hate to bring up because I loooove the woman I'm comparing the young actress to. But they do share the same features, I have to say.

Shenae Grimes, from 90210? She looks older than her 16 year old character, right? In fact, she appears old enough...she looks like the high school principal, the very character Connie Britton plays on Friday Night Lights!

Either Shenae is too mature looking or Connie does look so young for her age. Connie is fan-tastic!

I recently saw a photo of Seventh Heaven actress and now some kind of a movie star, Jessica Biel, looking glam and fab...like a younger Raquel Welch.... like so:

For more celebrities who look like other celebrities, here's 150 of them!