01 February 2006

Gunther gets some Secret Agent Action

Last night on 24...

Jack's kill count --- zero. No one died last night, can you imagine? Anyway...

Aaron, the secret service guy, who reminds me so much of Gunther (Friends), finally got some action! Not to give anything away (coz 24 is something you have to be glued on from start to finish and major spoilers will just ruin it!), Aaron finally got to say more than 2 lines. And he also got to kick some ass. Well, actually, Jack did, but he got to help make that happen.

Also last night, President Wuzz got the biggest brush off nyehehe....

Best scene of the night for me was this one:


Hard to talk about this show without spoiling anything!

Anyway, no Commander in Chief tonight. The real president is giving his SONA. :P

Season 5 Episode 6 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Original Air Date: Jan. 30, 2006
Network: FOX