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22 January 2013

Correct Episode Order of "Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23"

For several weeks now, ABC has been showing episodes of Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 in the wrong sequence and it has messed up what should follow in June's storyline. One episode she's working at the coffee house, then in the next episode she's working at a financial firm, before it's back to the coffee house all over again. Even James Van Der Beek's Dancing With The Stars "journey" on the show is totally out of order.

I've been trying to make sense of it for the last three or four episodes, yet it has taken me awhile to pin this down because... while I love the June character, I get a little bit distracted by Chloe's antics and that's the one that sticks!

If these girls existed in real life,  you can bet Chloe's partly responsible for this mess. But in truth, ABC has been calling all the shots. And if their decision is an indication of how much they appreciate this comedy, then obviously, they have little regard for it. They did the same for Happy Endings (correct episode order here), only Apartment 23's case is so much worse.

"Hey June! D'you know our show's broadcast has made Mindy so anal crazy, she's actually making the right list?"

The order of episodes is so messed up, there are several stories from Season 1 that ABC decided to air in Season 2. I'm tempted to rewatch the series from the beginning and follow its correct sequence, as stated below:

Aired on TV as...
  • S01E01 Pilot 
  • S01E02 Daddy's Girl - Correct Order: S01E01 (Was this supposed to be the pilot?)
  • S01E03 The Parent Trap - Correct Order: S01E09 
  • S01E04 The Wedding 
  • S01E05 Making Rent - Correct Order: S01E03 
  • S01E06 It's Just Sex - Correct Order: S01E07 
  • S01E07 Shitagi Nash - Correct Order: S01E10

Aired on TV as...
  • S02E01 A Reunion 
  • S02E02 Love & Monsters - Correct order: S02E03 
  • S02E03 Sexy People - Correct order: S02E04 
  • S02E04 It's a Miracle - Correct Order: S02E02 
  • S02E05 Whatever It Takes - Correct Order: S01E06 
  • S02E06 Bar Lies - Correct Order: S01E11 
  • S02E07 A Weekend in the Hamptons - Correct Order: S01E12 
  • S02E08 Paris - Correct Order: S02E05 
  • S02E09 The Scarlet Neighbor - Correct Order: S01E05 
  • S02E10 Mean Girls - Correct Order: S01E02 
  • S02E11 Dating Games - Correct Order: S02E08 

Not yet aired so far: 
The Leak - Correct Order: S01E08
Teddy Trouble -  Correct Order: S02E06
Monday June - Correct Order: S02E07
The D -  Correct Order: S02E09
The Seven Year Bitch - Correct Order: S02E10
Using People - Correct Order: S02E11
Ocupado - Correct Order: S02E12
Original Bitch - Correct Order: S02E13

To make it easier for you, here's how this one on top ^  actually goes. I kept the original airing/broadcast date before the title, because if you're downloading the show (and let's face it, you are!), that will be your point of reference:
  1. S01E01 Pilot 
  2. S01E02 Daddy's Girl 
  3. S02E10 Mean Girls 
  4. S01E05 Making Rent 
  5. S01E04 The Wedding 
  6. S02E09 The Scarlet Neighbor 
  7. S02E05 Whatever It Takes 
  8. S01E06 It's Just Sex 
  9. UNAIRED The Leak 
  10. S01E03 The Parent Trap
  11. S01E07 Shitagi Nash 
  12. S02E06 Bar Lies
  13. S02E07 A Weekend in the Hamptons 
  14. S02E01 A Reunion 
  15. S02E04 It's a Miracle 
  16. S02E02 Love & Monsters 
  17. S02E03 Sexy People 
  18. S02E08 Paris 
  19. UNAIRED Teddy Trouble
  20. UNAIRED Monday June 
  21. UNAIRED Dating Games  
  22. UNAIRED The D 
  23. UNAIRED The Seven Year Bitch 
  24. UNAIRED Using People 
  25. UNAIRED Ocupado
  26. UNAIRED Original Bitch 
* UNAIRED, as of this posting. The show is still on broadcast and has, so far, remained on the current line-up for ABC. I will be updating this post weekly then.

So there you go...

I've been putting up this list since 5:30 AM today, I'm so pissed at ABC right now. Why do they have to do this?!!!

Update as of 8PM - More reason to be pissed: "ABC quietly pulled the next all-new episode of Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" | via SitcomOnline.


  1. My Wife and I both loved this show, Really ABC has no clue what is actually worth watching and what isn't, This show makes us laugh, not many shows do that these days. What a sad day it is.

  2. This is super helpful. Thanks!!

  3. Another great show gets cancelled. Sad.

  4. Brilliant!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this you rock :)
    Gutted this show was canned I really enjoyed it, Roll on May 17th!!!

  5. I'm also really annoyed it was cancelled, but I'm even more mad I cant find it the next episode anywhere! This was super helpful THANK YOU *I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars* :D

  6. Thank you so much for this list! I've rearranged all my files, and intent to watch it all over again, in the right order. Really sad they killed this show, it's absolutely brilliant!

  7. Unaired eps now available on Hulu and PB!

  8. The order you have the episodes listed as still doesn't seem to be correct, I've been watching the show in that order and the story has a lot of inconsistencies. For EG: after the Hamptons ep when June announces her new job the next episode shes working at the coffee shop again.

  9. so what is the correct order, now that the missing episodes are available?

  10. Actually, that coffee shop episode was prefixed (after the title sequence) as: Two weeks earlier...

  11. Department of CorrectionsMonday, August 05, 2013 3:50:00 AM

    It appears you've simply assumed that production order determines intended viewing order, which is not strictly the case for most series. For instance, you've got Thanksgiving episode "It's a Miracle" preceding Halloween-themed "Love & Monsters," which is self-evidently wrong.

    More importantly, seasons one and two absolutely *cannot* be treated as separate blocs. The knowledge that unaired season-one episodes would be sprinkled throughout season two informed season two's writing -- June is working at the coffee shop and Mark still has a girlfriend specifically because the writers knew the events in the Hamptons hadn't aired, and were thus still building toward them.

    The only way to craft a coherent narrative is to treat "A Reunion," "Love & Monsters," "Sexy People" and "It's a Miracle" as part of season one's continuity. With season one in production order, those four can be nestled in somewhere after "Mean Girls" but before "Bar Lies," so as not to interrupt the DWTS arc. "Paris" then effectively becomes the second season premiere, followed by the eight episodes produced after it, probably in broadcast order.

    1. Department of Corrections, please upload the episode order as you believe it to be. I'd like to get my episodes straightened out. Thanks

  12. Logic clearly escapes Department of Corrections who posted above... The episodes were intended to air in the order noted above and that also happens to be the production order, which actually is USUALLY the way episodes of shows are intended to be aired. That wasn't a guess that the blogger made, it is bloody common sense... do you think they just make up the numbers randomly? Even if that weren't the case, James Van Der Beek posted the correct order himself on his personal facebook page shortly after the series was cancelled and it matches this one. Lastly, let's pretend those two things I just wrote above weren't actually FACTS, what makes someone [i.e. a douche like you] post a comment on someone's blog (when that person says they made the post early in the morning for the sole benefit of strangers reading the blog) simply to point out their errors WHEN THE ERRORS THEY ARE POINTING OUT ARE ACTUALLY CORRECT. I just find myself so annoyed at rude inconsiderate people who sit behind their computers jerking off.

    1. You're wrong; Department of Corrections is correct. Specifically, June gets a job at Harkin Financial in "A Weekend in the Hamptons" and is still working at the Coffee Shop in the episodes he mentions.

      The production codes obviously aren't random, they're the order the episodes were produced in. That is often the order they were meant to air in, but, as in this case, not always.

      You seem angry; not just at the post but at life in general, which I'm sorry for; hope you are feeling better some day.

    2. Jeez it's like you're trying to say to this Department of Corrections guy that he/she isn't allowed to have an opinion. It wasn't even a rude post... yours is actually much more unthoughtful. Even if Department of Corrections is wrong, you're doing exactly what you're calling him/her out on by "simply pointing out their errors". It's cool to disagree but you don't need to be irrational about it like this.

  13. Rewatching the series in your order and I think 15 should be E0202 and 16 be E0204, as E0202 is the Halloween episode and then E0204 is the Thanksgiving episode.
    Also in E0203, the People's Sexiest Man Alive episode, James says "I mean I'm sexy right, I have to be, I'm on Dancing With The Stars" but the episode where he does the first dance and is drugged has already aired according to this list. ABC is seriously confused!

    1. Go on Netflix. I watched all of the episodes including the "unaired" ones and they all seemed to be in perfect order.