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13 April 2007

House, were you channeling me??

I'm supposed to be working, but I had to take a break [sorry, boss! Just recharging! :D].

I went to get updates on some TV shows, as I've been skipping quite a lot. [Imagine, I've only watched a total of 3 TV shows this week!!! 2 American Idols and one episode of Jeopardy. Huhuhu!]

Anyway, I read on one site that ---------- HOUSE SPOKE TAGALOG!!! I haven't seen it yet, it was supposed to have happened in this week's episode. He supposedly said some random Tagalog stuff (that I will have to see later, tonight if possible) but just reading about it, haaaay..... whatever he was supposed to say, to me that already means, "Mindy mahal kita!" Wheeeeeeeeee! :)

I wanna do this to House (Hugh Laurie) --->

Tapos season ender pa ng Friday Night Lights this week, haaaay ulit!

Excited na ako manood!!!

Now, I can't get back to work mode! LOL!


An update (4-14-2007)

I've seen the episode and this is what House said:

Although, it wasn't so much that he was saying "delicious", which is the Tagalog word for what he (seemingly) said - "Sarap". In this scene, the word sarap (or what sounded like it) is used as a noun, not an adjective. It's the name of the dish he would like to eat on that flight. And I don't know what that dish is. :)

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